Thanks to the magazine Irodalmi Szemle (Literary Review) for publishing my crazy ideas 🙂




The concept of Gallery Scouting for Gallery of Spiš Artists in Spišská Nová Ves. An idea was created in collaboration with graphic designer Ivana Babejová

Obrázok má prázdny alt atribút; jeho názov je sprievodca-gus_0-1.jpg

Obrázok má prázdny alt atribút; jeho názov je sprievodca-gus_06-1.jpg

Obrázok má prázdny alt atribút; jeho názov je sprievodca-gus_09-1.jpg

Obrázok má prázdny alt atribút; jeho názov je sprievodca-gus_011-1.jpg

Obrázok má prázdny alt atribút; jeho názov je sprievodca-gus_013-1.jpg

“A – Z / Design of digital fonts in Slovakia” / printed exhibition guide was created in cooperation with Samuel Čarnoký for the Spiš Artists´ Gallery in Spišská Nová Ves in 2018





Couples” was made in cooperation with Samuel Čarnoký and the director of Gallery of Spiš Artists – Lucia Benická, project curator



Eva Čarnoká (Tkáčiková) finds her cosmic SPACE in the laboratory of kitchen where she creates design not only COSMIC, but also COSmetIC and COMICAL. With her own enthusiasm she cooks in the kitchen micro-area some macroprocesses of the planets formation, combines masses, and divides them. She was watching with passion an astronaut Chris Hadfield in the board of international space station, from where she drew stimuli for her dadaistic objects of space modules. They are formed in situ, in order to place them in context with real historical models. As a kind of inspiration for her also serve little-known molecular foodstuffs having the form of colourful gels, forming a sort of culinary mimicry with unpredictable taste, colour and appearance. Art for eating.”


Catalogue “HEart” (made in cooperation with Mária Mišková and Samuel Čarnoký, graphic designer)


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